Tryst with My Own State Gujarat

It is for the first time that I am writing about my travelling experience, not because I felt like this for the first time but infact it is now that I am able to devote myself to pen down my thoughts, which I have always wanted to i.e. “writing my travel experience”. It often happens with most of us that we live in heaven near by but unaware of its immense beauty or rather have no time to explore and appreciate it. No wonder I was one of them, being born and brought up in Surat (Gujarat) i.e. 23 years of my life but I have never been able to travel to other corners of my own state. But this time I found a great opportunity to travel around my state Gujarat and discover what’s so fascinating about Gujarat ki khusboo.

23rd feb was when my trip started with the Musical Fountain in Akhshardham Ashram. Believe me, a kind of energy flows within on seeing the wonderful coordination of lights, water & music dancing on a same platform and I got all pumped up for my next destination Kutch. Being brought up in city life and living in flats, I always used to wonder how is it to be in village with simplicity and no pollution all round. Maybe that’s the reason I opted to choose to stay in Shaam-e-sharhad Village resort for a day in Kutch which really came more than my expectation. This resort by Hodka community is located at a place where anyone could hardly imagine any life. Man !! it was a either jungle or desert all around us. And within all this lies a little chilled out place as bliss !

After completing the official formalities me and my friends started for White Rann of Kutch. To my surprise, it was altogether a different place which I was least expecting. Instead of sand it is a surface of salt and it exists far and wide till where your eyes can reach. All pure white. It was a bright day but the cold breeze didn’t allow me to get tired or sweaty and made sure that it is not lonely shore for it was giving me company. Pushing and touching me. I took a feel of this place by a short walk bare foot. Granules of salt crushing under my feet gave me a sense of joy.Thirst to have a complete view of this place was well satisfied by the Black Hills. Where I first chose to track a little and then sit in a dome, enjoying the view of the white desert downside. By witnessing different shades of sunset from there and moon rise at the same time there was a feeling of pride coming in me of being born as a human by the creator so that I can enjoy his all other creations so nicely.With this feeling in my heart I have to start for one night home of me, my Hodka Village stay.

White Rann of Kutch from Black Hills

White Rann of Kutch from Black Hills

The specially cooked Kathyawadi  food turned out to be the menu;)  And post dinner a small cultural live music was organized under tree shade with a seating arrangement on khatiya and a fire camp in the center. But ofcourse, a person like me coudn’t resist tapping my feet on the floor and so I started my garba moves in tits and bits. Gradually people of all ages from young to old joined me and there formed a typical circle of garba dance in full swing. This way I enjoyed the colorful culture of Gujarat 🙂

With this, the energy in me slowed down for the day and I dozed off, specially for witnessing the early morning sunrise.

Waiting for The Sun to rise.

Waiting for The Sun to rise.

Although the amount of time that I spent in this tented house was certainly not enough for me. But as per the itinerary I had to bid adieu to this small heaven and start looking forward to checkout the beach after such a unique desert. Frankly speaking, I have always thought that deep blue water existed either in post cards or some foreign tourist places. But again this travel changed my perspective when I saw the “Mandvi Beach” near Bhuj. This beach was blessed with an equal blend of blueness and beauty. After a darshan at the Holy Shrine Somnath, the creator gives you chance to immerse yourself completely and relax at the beach side. Isn’t this magical? Witnessing two pure things together. But my next destination was all the more adventurous for me and I will have to depart from Somnath temple. 1.5 hours of travelling and I reached the Gir national Park 😉 45 mins around the Gir forest gave me a chance to see my other fellow beings like Miss deer, Mr Leopard and lastly the King of the jungle, Mr Lion 😀

Expression which says " who the hell is clicking me now?" :P

Expression which says ” who the hell is clicking me now?” 😛

The perfect start of the next day was the view from St George Bastion fort. A sight which does not allow you to even blink your eyes. Truly, romancing with nature is the best thing I would love to do.An evening was well spent at the Nagoa beach with an amazing company of Mr Moon.

Diu Fort.

Diu Fort.

This trip, of my very own state has changed my attitude completely towards it and for the wonderful gujjus I have met on the way. Truly, with a proud feeling that I belong to such a beautiful state and with words of Mr. Amitabh bachchan echoing in my ears “Aapne Gujarat nahi dekha toh kya dekha”, I was smiling to the song from Sarfarosh, dedicated to my love for traveling,  “Hoshwaalo ko khabar kya,  bekhudi kya cheez hain, Ishq ki jaye, phir samajiye zindagi kya chiz hain”:)

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“There’s a patten to the cracks, A meaning hidden to the broken plans, A purpose to the chaos of repeated defeat, Some agenda to come to light when you most need, There’s a pattern to the cracks. – Carnen Colado”

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